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Scribe is “that guy whose music you're not afraid to show your parents.” He is a Jamaican-born, Canadian-raised, Hip-Hop/R&B artist currently living in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Adopted at the age of three by Bob and Gwen Lydiate, the majority of his life would be spent in Regina, SK.

There, beginning at the age of five, Scribe would take an immediate liking to soccer and would end up becoming his sport of choice all the way up to Provincial and University levels, in Canada and the United States. During his time at Taft College in California; Scribe would find himself battling with "identity" and other personal issues as well as sustaining an injury in spring training. Thus, causing his time in California to come to a close.

In the midst of battles with depression, feeling the weight of failure and a new understanding of his personal need for Christ, poetry would become his outlet. Soon after, his love for poetry and ministry would then intertwine with his love for Hip-Hop and R&B. This would create opportunities to grow in the local hip-hop scene allowing him to connect with several bands and artists, most prominently Fresh IE. Scribe went on to join KMF, where he had the privilege of serving at and on reserves, churches, conferences and various other venues along the way. He also had the opportunity to do some of his own work such as motivational speaking, touring with World Vision, releasing his debut, GMA nominated album "The Call Out" and the release of two mixtapes. Through the opening and closing of many doors and the maturing of Scribe as a minister and artist, he began to find his heart for ministry and outreach being pulled in another direction, eventually leading to his departure from KMF.

Now working as an independent artist Scribe is working towards releasing his sophomore album in early 2017. Aside from that he is playing an active role in his church as a worship director and leader with his wife, as they minister in and outside of churches across Canada, combining artistry, mentorship and servitude to others as the hallmarks of their ministry.