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"With this release, Tracy Wispelwey joins an elite group of musicians that includes Anais Mitchell, Ben Harper, Michael Franti, Bruce Cockburn, Ani Difranco, and Tracy Chapman: singer-songwriters who address social and spiritual issues with prophetic insight. What sets this collection apart even from that august group is the rich, sometimes-big and sometimes-frail mixture of electronica, trance, anthem, and hymn...One hopes these songs will help create a new genre." -Brian D. McLaren, author of “A New Kind of Christianity” “The collection is powerful in its message of peace and solidarity with the world’s poor and suffering. The Restoration Project lives up to its name as both announcing and participating in God’s reparative work in the world and drawing in the voices and stories of numerous communities and individuals Wispelwey has met in her journeys.” -Steve Holt, writer, Sojourners Magazine & God’s Politics "Hold On To Love is a vast work! Wispelwey spent a year studying electronic music composition at Harvard and it shows. She paints luscious soundscapes with sounds that span from South America to Africa to the Middle East." - Aaron Strumpel, artist, "Imagine Ani DiFranco doing worship backed alternately by the ambient Hammock and Middle Eastern and African instrumentalists. Tracy Howe Wispelwey's seventh album reaches that broadly, and the eclectic risks pay off with a rich, worshipful tapestry. The communal rather than individualistic heart grows from the Beatitudes and conveys a refreshingly prophetic yet humble spirit." -Jeremy Jones, Christianity Today “At times I've nearly thrown in the towel in hoping for Christians to produce innovative, gutsy, unique, insightful, and listenable music. ‘Hold On To Love’ is a jump forward, adding to a hopeful swell of new material - a real gift of art and contemplation.” -Chris Haw, potter, carpenter and co-author of Jesus For President “It's an adventurous album that journeys through struggle, yearning, hope, community & love.” -Tim Snyder, Generate Magazine