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In the words of The Reliques, “Music is a shortcut to the soul.” With each new EP, the folk duo weaves stories that cut straight to our commonplaces, stories each of us have seen played out in our own lives and communities. Making music gives Sarah Dossey and Sarah Monteen the space to be honest about their life experiences. Says Dossey, “We want to be transparent with our music and write songs that stir hearts. We want to impact our community in Austin, to grow with them and tell their stories.” Pronounced “relics”, the band grew out of a friendship that began at the University of Texas. The first EP, Peacock Wood, is a five-song introduction to the band’s heartstrings. The songs seamlessly blend Monteen’s strong, smoky voice with Dossey’s nightingale sweet soprano and attests to years honing their timing and musicianship. Following the release, the band was featured on KISS FM-96.7 and The River 102.3, won The River’s Austin Artist Showcase.