From The Price Sisters

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At just twenty-three years old, twin sisters Lauren and Leanna Price are poised to become the torchbearers for traditional bluegrass as it enters its eighth decade. While their playing is thoroughly rooted in the classic style of Bill Monroe, their smooth, polished sibling vocal harmonies infuse the music with a fresh, contemporary appeal. Inspired by the soundtrack from the movie O’ Brother, Where Art Thou? the sisters got their first instruments – a mandolin for Lauren and a fiddle for Leanna – for their eighth birthday. As teenagers they performed in a family band and became fascinated with the history of the music. At seventeen, Lauren and Leanna made their first television appearance and formed their own band, The Price Sisters. In 2013 they enrolled at Morehead State University’s Kentucky Center for Traditional Music, honing their musical chops and earning bachelors degrees in traditional music with minors in business administration.

Rebel Records owner Dave Freeman was amazed when he first saw the Price Sisters perform in 2014. “To find young musicians today who can not only play and sing beautifully, as Leanna and Lauren do, but also really appreciate the music they are playing, bodes very well for the future of the music,” he says. Freeman soon signed the sisters to the label, and a well-received seven-song EP, was released in 2016. The first full album, A Heart Never Knows, appears on March 23 2018.