From The New Victorians

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Fronted by the music-making sister duo from Malta, The New Victorians have released their debut album Seeker Seeker. Their thirteen-song album, following their hit single Keep Me In Love, reflects the bands journey with tracks ranging from folk to electronic, pop to jazz.

The band released their first EP Dustpile, which includes their much loved 'Somebody To Love' cover, single ' 'Dustpile' and their first claim to fame ' 'Tom , Dick & Harry' which won them a song writing competition in the US.

Phillipa added 'As musicians and as people, if someone else is in need, we have to help out. If we're one body, the mouth screams when the toe is being stepped on, and it is the mouth that has to speak for the rest of the body... So that's our little activist song.'

Continuing on in the path of the innovative Victorians who brought about much change, the pair believe too many people stop because too few say ‘Go!’. Thus, their music encourages a generation to seize the day. Their music can be purchased from iTUNES and all other digital portals worldwide.