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Devoured by the Comfort Zone, is the long awaited debut album by The Mind Orchestra. Over 30 musicians have come together using the power of the Internet for the making of this music. Headed up by Nick Gent, there are musicians from all over the world contributing, using online recording sessions & file sharing.

Almost all of the sounds on this album, have been recorded in real-time, played by real musicians using a plethora of instruments including self-made ones. You will hear soundscapes, and emotions, hopes, dreams and stories. We are very happy to share our love of music with you all, and hope you will share with your friends and enjoy what we do. Devoured by the Comfort Zone is a journey into the unfettered imagination, a soulful ode to 360 degrees of emotion and experience.

We appreciate all your support and love the thought of people sharing our music. All tips go straight to us. We have professionally mastered each track with love, and tips of 5$ or more send our hearts racing with excitement. We hope you enjoy our music !