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The Mid North's sound is a melding of Old-time, Mountain Folk and Bluegrass, featuring banjo, fiddle, mandolin, double bass, guitar and four-part harmonies. They combine the spirit of old-time roots music, the energy of the new young string-bands, and the musicianship of bluegrass. Add a touch of jug band and a bit of folk and you get a spirited sound that will have you tapping your feet or looking for a partner to dance with - the best way to describe it is "infectious!

Quotes about Album:

“….is a fireball of an album. ‘The Mid North’ are hillbilly Rock Stars.” Hamish Davidson (The Davidson Brothers) 2015

“Stylistically they inhabit the bluegrass meets old timey folk world, raw and rustic and close to what David Rawlings Machine delivered on their “A Friend of a Friend” album.” Kim Cheshire, Country Update Magazine April 2015

“…you have no idea how hard it is to write a review when every tune on an album feels like it should be the highlight.” Mark Hudson (Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association USA 2015)