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The Littlest Birds recorded this set live on-air at the KPFA performance studio in Berkeley, CA on 6/18/2014 for David Gans' program "Dead to the World." It features old, new and previously unreleased material from the nationally acclaimed cello and banjo duo, captured in beautiful stereo quality with a live studio audience. This version of "I Know You Rider" was also re-broadcast the week of July 7th, 2014 on David Gans' nationally syndicated program The Grateful Dead Hour. (

On June 8th, The Littlest Birds released their latest album titled "Live & Lucky" which they recorded while on the road covering 32,000 miles in 2013. Most of "Live & Lucky" comes from a show at The Historic Palace Theater in Crossville TN on November 8th, 2013. The video included on this page documents the letterpress process they used to make the limited edition packaging, and includes video of the live performance of "Say Darlin' Say" from the Palace Theater.

You may purchase a limited edition letterpressed compact disc copy of "Live & Lucky" at CD Baby

Or at their numerous upcoming live shows. See tour schedule at