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The Hedgerow Folk was formed out of a local church body in Auburn, Alabama in 2012 when Amanda Hammett and Jon Myles began leading worship together in their local church. They soon recognized something special in the combination of their voices, and began to pursue the idea of recording some original music. Jon had been in a few previous bands but was sensing the Lord leading him to begin to write in a new kind of way that centered around quiet reflection and being in an intimate relationship with Christ. Bryant Hains and Jon had previously played together in another band for several years and had a mutual respect for each other as artists, recognizing that each one had something unique to offer when it came to creating music. After some prayer and consideration, Jon, Bryant, and Amanda began working and writing together and eventually solidified their group under the name The Hedgerow Folk (taken from a line of a C.S. Lewis poem).

"We really felt early on that whatever we created should be a blessing to all those who might hear it. We see ourselves now as more of a ministry than a band in the conventional sense, and our desire, above all else, is to be useful in connecting people with the Father. We want to create art that leads people to slow down, reflect, and hear God's voice in their lives."