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The Grown-Ups were a 10 piece extra-crispy, original-recipe ska band from Denton, Texas. Fabricated around 1991 before "ska" become a bad word, The Grown-Ups combined traditional Jamaican rhythms with a secret blend of robots, teen angst, and Lucha Libre. They hung it all up in 1996 but still get responses from many of their loyal fans!

Members: Spy* - Mascot & Chief DetectiveDan Bailey* - Vocals & Saxophone Dave C. Wallin* - Bass Dave Seiden* - Guitar Tim Kaminski* - Stage Antics/Presence/Presents Kari Luna* - Hammond Organ & Vocals Christopher Owens* - Drums Grant "Stoom" Cornett* - Vocals and Awesomeness Daniel Spencer* - Trombone & Vocals Artell V. Johnson - Trumpet Ian Bjornstad - Saxy Norseman Paul Minor - Guitar Lee Davila - Guitar & Vocals Mark Ryan - whizbang Guitar hero Ellen Fox - Saxophone George Neal - Trombone Scott McClean - Trumpet *Original Member