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Folk/indie group The Folk Remedy, comprising of band members Matt Whoriskey, Maria Bonner and Rob Ryle, formed in Manchester, England in 2012.

A guitar and violin three-piece, the group quickly established a reputation for stunning live shows, gathering a loyal following and playing sold-out concerts in Manchester and beyond.

The Folk Remedy release their debut EP, ‘Sirens’, in 2013, with five critically-acclaimed original songs, gaining air time on radio stations across the UK, including a live session on BBC Radio Manchester. The band’s sound owes much to Manchester’s rich musical history with added influences from Ireland and the U.S. Think Elbow meets Ryan Adams and Damien Rice with Neil Young or Dylan penning the words. ? Whoriskey’s deep and rich vocal style is reminiscent of folk balladeers from yesteryear with musical stories of love and loss that could have first been sung one hundred years ago or more. Ryle’s guitar exists happily in a sublime sonic space between Johnny Marr and Willie Nelson while Bonner’s backing vocals and violin sweep over the band, like a haunting summer wind. A fusion of indie, rock, country and, of course, folk, The Folk Remedy’s latest release, ‘Sirens’, showcases one of Manchester’s finest up-and-coming bands. Matt Whoriskey – Vocals, guitar Originally from Derry, Ireland, Whoriskey has been writing and playing music for more than a decade. He has lived in Manchester for four years, where he hosts a regular open mic night at the ‘Bay Horse’ in the popular Northern Quarter. As a singer, songwriter, Whoriskey has been heavily influenced by Irish musicians like Fionn Regan and Damien Rice as well as Americans, Ryan Adams, Conor Oberst and Bob Dylan.

Rob Ryle – Lead Guitar The only English-born member of The Folk Remedy, Ryle, from Bolton, is a veteran on the vibrant Manchester music scene, playing in a number of bands over the years after starting out with the psychedelic ‘Jesus Franco’. A talented guitarist with a flare for melodic riffs, Ryle has four main influences, John Squire, Pete Townshend, Graham Coxon and Johnny Marr.

Maria Bonner – Violin, backing vocals Like the lead singer, Bonner also hails from Derry, Ireland though she has lived in Manchester for more than a decade. A classically trained violinist, she is also an accomplished piano and bass player. Listing ‘Elbow’ among her most influential musical groups, Bonner, an expert at harmonising, also sings backing vocals for The Folk Remedy. ?