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Borrowed Moon was given its first kick at life in 2013 with the band’s original lineup. Something with the music didn’t feel right, so they took to the road to figure it out. As the dust settled, the band experienced lineup changes, a few broken bones - and the songs that singer/songwriter Matt Browning penned with an acoustic guitar became their proud workingman’s rock ‘n’ roll music. Somewhere between Birmingham, Alabama and New York City, the band agreed a total change of scenery was needed to drive their next album forward.

Giving up the relative ease of a hometown studio in Virginia for North Carolina, The Floorboards found Mitch Easter (R.E.M, Wilco, Pavement, Drive by Truckers) and his Fidelitorium Recordings studio facility in Kernersville, NC to be the ideal fit for harnessing the band’s southern Americana sound while giving it an old-school touch – recording the entire album on analog 2” tape.