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The Doodads & Don'ts hail from the beautiful state of New Hampshire. The band is conjured up of two brothers, James and Samuel Delay, along with their high school friend, Derek Fimbel. Their natural chemistry melds their voices into sobering melodies and intricate harmonies, and they all share their instruments, which makes each song unique in personality.

Why the name? Well, it represents the band members' upbringing. Derek, Sam, and James were brought up on the DOs and DON'Ts of religion, but had trouble connecting the dots to why religion was the way it was. The band represents the breaking free from that mindset, and has set out on a new journey. The Doodads & Don'ts feel free to question. Free to answer. Free to hope. Free to believe. Free to love.

They also enjoy barefoot hiking, late night diner dates, exploring new ways of brewing coffee, and dressing up in clothes reminiscent of prior eras. The Doodads & Don'ts started playing together in 2012 and recorded their first EP, Going to War EP, in March of the next year. The band's second album, Changing Your Habits, was recorded nearly a year later.