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All That Glitters

by Richard Ensley & The Dirt Naps

I was fighting for my life / I was striving

I was riding on a day / that would never come

i gotta slow down / just stand find a better way

cuz I’m not that / old man run in the rat race

I know not all that glitters is gold (no no no no)

I would set myself on fire / i was burning

I would let conviction slide / look the other way

i gotta get back / in bloom / come under the son

I was a king in a clown suit / a great chameleon

finally I’ve come around (baby) now i come correct

(and i got this) vision and ambition thats been sleeping under wraps

(do you know) the money it aint nothing and success will only fade

(in the end) its all bout the living and the memories you made

so I’m taking it back / I’m taking it back / I’m taking my dreams to market

i might live in a shack / singing and rapping / laughing as I spark it

is this really real or a fantasy / am i just a show or the real me