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The Big Cheese Band is Lea Mae Camarda, Julie Anne Greene, and Larry Rice. Larry teaches music for a living, and Larry’s 3-year-old ukulele student, Jack Morrison, came up with the idea for “The Christmas Crocodile.” Larry had discovered that Jack enjoyed writing songs when learning chords for his uke, so in November 2014, Larry asked Jack “What shall we write about today?” Jack replied, “The Christmas Crocodile,” and dictated many of the things such a being might do or say--for example, Jack noted, the Christmas Crocodile says “Pinch, pinch, pinch.”

The Big Cheese Band then used Jack’s words as a basis for the recording--as a reward for Jack’s mom, who had made a pledge to a KickStarter campaign for our live CD, "Live Culture". Jack sings the first line and counts the rest of us in.