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I arranged this melodic timing and chords to the chromatic "notes" of pi. Instead of the standard decimal (base 10) number, I used base 12 counting, where there are 12 digits in the counting system (A = the 10th digit ; B = the 11th digit), and lined those digits up with the chromatic scale, which is all 12 musical tones in an octave. What was revealed is amazing. You might think the digits of pi would create a random, directionless, dissonant sequence of notes from the chromatic scale, but the notes contain as much musical structure as those a composer would choose. I recognized this and made it into this song by timing the notes and adding the chord progression based on the implied structure and context of the notes. The song goes up to the 226th digit. I also added the final note to the melody.This is not so much a musical interpretation as it is a musical solution.