From The Ancient Melodies

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These are The Ancient Melodies. They are arranged using mathematical constants in base 12, played in the 12 musical tones. What is most astonishing is that these digit sequences contain far more musical reason than random sequences, and these arrangements are brimming with breathtaking emotion and lively personality.You can hear for yourself that I used common chord progressions to arrange these digit sequences into music humans have been writing for decades, even centuries. Since these note sequences have been hiding in plain sight, and required little intervention to reveal the underlying musical structure, chances are high that these songs have already been playing throughout the Universe for millions, if not billions of years, discovered and written by intelligent life everywhere. That's why I call them The Ancient Melodies.

The most important element to understand is what base 12 means. We use base ten, or decimal. Our standard system uses 10 characters to do math.


These are just symbols to represent amounts. Think of Roman numeral "X". In our system, we need two digits to express that amount, 10. Roman numeral "X" represents that amount using 1 character. Digits are merely symbols to represent amounts. Choosing which base you use is like selecting your language. The whole world just happens to speak base 10.

Base 12 means that we are using 12 characters.


A = 10th digit B = 11th digit

Then, to connect the math with the music, we line those digits up with the 12 musical tones.













From there, we can play base 12 digit sequences as quarter notes. It didn't take much to reveal the underlying melodic phrases.