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After listening to TESSA, the singer-songwriter’s debut EP, it is clear that she is a language artist. Wrapping hard-hitting lyrics in catchy melodies the songstress delivers her thoughtful brand of Country/Pop with the eloquence expected of someone twice her age. This appreciation for wordplay shines through in songs like Bad Boys, an ode to falling for the “dangerous types”: He looks like an angel/but he’s got the devil in his eyes/He’ll tear your world apart/Cause he’ll only break your heart. “I’ve got a good amount of teenage angst” she admits “but songs are the best outlet”.

"With an incredible amount of talent even at such a young age, you’re going to want to buy this EP and keep it on repeat." - Canadian Beats, EP Review

"Tessa Mouzourakis is one of the youngest, and one of the most talented new country pop singers this year. She has a special ear for hooks, and a way with words than many musicians her senior do not have." - Queens of Country, Single Review (Bad Boys)