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Happy Valentines day y’all Terrible got their first analog synth on a snow day, brought it home, and recorded a couple little riffs. Two days later they popped open the recording and used those riffs to write, record, and mix this album, front to back, in one day. No quantizing, no fancy treatment, just a drum kit, some mics, and the synth. It also made the album art and wrote this description. Then it went and watched Blades of Glory again. It was a great day!

This album is about love, but not in the classic valentines sense. This album is about loving yourself and all your fuck ups and not perfecting every little thing before you let people see you. And its about the joy that comes from just trying new ideas and not caring if they sound like crap. Consider this an ode to Terrible’s basement, where they play terribly all the time because nobody can hear them. This album is cutting out that period where Terrible practices and cutting straight to the part where they release it into the world for all to judge. Because it’s Valentines Day, and Terrible loves all of its ideas, sound-quality be damned, so who really gives a fuck how they sound to anyone else?

That being said, Terrible does still hope you have as much fun listening to this as they did making it.