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444 Different Sample Sources.

62 Minutes.

12 Months.

Terrible doesn't have an elaborate metaphor here, it just made this because it was sick of writing music about its feelings and shit, and just wanted to dance around in its room. This is a return to why Terrible started making music in the first place: to make people smile while not making any sense. It is the absolute best Terrible can possibly do, and it hopes you dance ur ass off for an hour straight.

This is about as far as Terrible can go with samples before it's no longer making "mashups," and is instead just making stream of consciousness absurdity. It's got so much shit going on that most of it is completely unrecognizable, it contains everything but doesn't quite sound like anything. It's a blurry memory of the insane amount of music everyone gets to consume every single day.

It is so Terrible it's ridiculous. It is Alpha Nail, so tear it to pieces, please.

(and as always, shoutout to J-Dow, just cuz)