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Ted Smith is a 26 years old native of Queens, NY. ,who talks about his real life experiences through his music. His focus is on the way that he views issues in his society, community, world, relationships and life in general, but no matter what the issues that Ted seeks to address in his verses, he guarantees that he will always keep it “100%”. Ted Smith released his debut mixtape "Heart Warming" inviting you into his heart to hear his pain and struggles during this season in his life. Ted Smith has toured parts of Europe, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. Ted Smith also works with Heesun Lee as her hype man and has recently toured with her on the "God Belongs in My City" tour with Da truth, Andy Mineo, Alex Faith, Dre Murray, Isaiah Tate and D Will. Ted smith is a Surf Club and Giraffe Neck music affiliate.