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Rap, Rock, and . . . Game Music?!

Kaenor Apana, the founder and frontman of The TechnoFunkBoy, learned organ from monks in Hyrule back in the early days of Nintendo MIDI music. He quickly found like-minded friends to join him – D.R.U.M., a robot created by Dr. Wiley for evil purposes, but who preferred rhythm and music to dastardly deeds; Lady Morelle, a noblewoman from the Mushroom Kingdom who grew tired of constantly battling off Koopas and decided to take her love of piano to other lands; and Stephen Lannier, a solider and helicopter pilot with a distinguished career (most notably the Red Falcon incident) whose preciseness and perfectionism drives his playing as much as his flying. Together they formed the band and played original tunes and covers of the best game musicians to dance beats.

As game music expanded, so did they, adding textures when the MIDI systems started to be able to handle better sounds. When live instruments and vocals became possible, TFB was ready to push their music forward. They invited Anlaharima (“Anla”), an elfish lutist from Elfheim to join them on guitar and bass, and Kae enfolded more Rock and Hip Hop elements into the mix, adding lyrics designed to teach and worship. Even so, they never gave up their roots, and there remains an element of old MIDI style in their work.

They have long been known in the games themselves, but at last TFB has broken free from the digital constraints to release music in the real world. Their songs are driven by a passion for God’s truth, their guitars sore with good ol’ fashioned Rock ’n’ Roll, and their beats ultimately danceable.

It may be difficult to classify them, but perhaps the best way would to simply say they are “fun.”

The TechnoFunkBoy is:

Kaenor Apana: Vocals, guitars, keyboards, programming

Stephen Lannier: Keyboards

Lady Morelle: Keyboards, piano

Anlaharima: Guitars, electric bass

D.R.U.M.: Drums, percussion