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" for millions of thoughts...feelings...and colors..." Alexandra Rangger, amazing Austrian painter and muso

"Piano Improvisation #1" represents the first of 6 spontaneously improvised pieces played on a gorgeous grand piano at an inspired moment. The intention of these pieces is to shake loose bold and striking vision, creativity and purpose on the part of the LISTENER at the moment of listening. I strongly suggest a good pair of headphones or speakers... free from distraction. There is a supernatural component to these pieces that I'm hoping you will take in. Music can transcend what the 5 senses can perceive. People are reporting stunning experiences with these. I'm compiling stories to share. This is a totally unreleased "top secret" project that I'm inviting you to partake of in this early phase. Open your mind and heart, you may be surprised at what you "hear". This piece is 14 MINUTES LONG, and full of mystery. Lots to explore and discover here. The suggested donation amount is high because artists dig SO DEEP to share the depths of their souls and passion with you, the listener. The cost of walking the road of an artist is very high and I am often asked by people who value my art, "HOW CAN I HELP?" You can help by supporting this music and SHARING IT. Thank you for your partnership in this... can't wait to hear how this music impacts you! -Taylor