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Performing and recording music for over 15 years, Taylor Carson's resume boasts well over 1,000 performances and 6 full-length records released; his two most recent, "With Innocence" 2013 and "Go Amaze" 2016 both debuted in the Top 10 on the iTunes charts. 2017 has been a studio year for Carson. Thanks to that, Carson's fans can expect the release of his 7th full-length record, "After the Tamer Has Gone" in November 2018. "Tamer" has Carson getting back to his roots. From the delicate, "I Believe in You" which is a song Carson wrote for his daughter about never letting anything get in the way of her imagination. To "Josephine." A story about a girl who leaves her small town to chase dreams and marquees in the big city. "Tamer" reminds us to be brave no matter how many obstacles are in our way. There is always something to fix, but that is surely not what wins out on "After the Tamer Has Gone."