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With only 37.000 inhabitants on 160 square kilometres, Liechtenstein is the smallest German- speaking country in the world. But as the saying goes: The best things come in small packages – things in the principality might not just get stormy but also loud! The post-hardcore/metalcore band TAPED was formed in 2009 there. After releasing their EP „Never Back Down“ on Redfield Digital in 2012, TAPED will release their debut album „[EMPIRES]“ via Redfield Records in 2015. On their album, the band takes a closer look on who they really are and what they want to represent. Sooner or later everyone gets to the point at which he realizes that life is not that easy and that is what TAPED stands for: Carry on, when life is at its worst. It´s about team spirit – their „Wolfpack“, about the war people wage against themselves, the fears that come along with it and about the social principles they are often keeping up with.