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This album is full of odds-and-ends of pieces that aren't full fledged songs.

Pair And Boon: Got an Irish frame drum (Bodhran) as a gift and had to take it out for a spin.

Sounds of SA: There was a website called 'Something Awful' and this was an attempt at one point to do some experimental collaboration amongst some of the users there. The challenge was to take random samples uploaded by others and to try and make a song out of them. This was my attempt using 5 uploaded samples. It's kind of a disaster.

ShasRadio Promotional (What You Like): This was a promo I did for an online streaming radio station which adapted the playlist based on the preferences of those logged in and listening. I think it was really ahead of its time. This track got play on the radio station itself but nowhere else.

Ess Oh Pee Ach Eye Aye: A song I wrote for my daughter, Sophia.