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Syvers are an indie duo from Minneapolis, a city in the northern part of the United States. Inspired from their collective processing, their music examines what it is that constitutes the human experience.

When talking about their writing process, “We look through the lens of our external situations and try to expose as authentically as possible our own internal realities — our questions, doubts, ideas, pains, and joys. Most of what we find as our songs unfold is an incomplete-ness.”

This “incomplete-ness” leads them to write songs like their new single The One That Got Away, which released on June 1st, 2017.

In the track, they walk through different stages of grief circling around the concept of loss and what it means to process a reality that is difficult to accept.

“Being honest with where you really are, what you really believe is the first step to finding reality. Our songs are, in a way, an invitation to others to face their realities by putting words to the things we might not want—or even know how— to say.”

Drawing from their own experiences and raw emotion, Syvers is driven by the desire to connect with an audience at an uncommon depth, one surrounded in empathy that leaves us a step further down our own path.