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MY fans are Awesome!! S.R. has Opened for and played at shows with: Family Force 5 Group 1 Crew Audio Adrenaline Manic Drive FLAME Switchfoot KB Shuree Goerge Moss Booking: mvinc (at) ymail.com I Tour with Artists and make Official Remixes for Major Labels. Remix contests are my favorite projects, watch for one every couple of months. Become a part of the CEDM Alliance and help support Christian EDM www.ChristianEDM.com

ARIA Records and Swedish Revolution. Goal of becoming the best Christian Dance, Dubstep, Electro, Techno Record Label in the world. Being Christian is not about what you make, but who you make it for! That's why i love music! Feel free to submit your music to our Group here:soundcloud.com/groups/christian-dubstep-dance-and-electro

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