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Also in this series, Sampler ( and A Taste of Transoceanic (

Lizanne Knott, Jesse Terry, and Michael Logen are three critically-acclaimed songwriters and performers who have teamed up for the collaborative record, Sunset Avenue Sessions. The 11-song album, out now on Transoceanic Records, features unique cover versions of some of music’s most popular and iconic songs, as well as original tracks from each of the artists’ rich catalog of music.

More Goodness includes three of the five cover songs including Lizanne Knott's version of "Wildflowers" (Tom Petty), Jesse Terry covering Johnny Cash's "Ring Of Fire" (read more here:, and Michael Logen's exposed, confessional, Americana take on the hit pop song, "Try" (originally recorded by P!nk).

Also included in the sampler are original songs from each artist, including "Tennessee" (Lizanne Knott), "I Was An Island" (Jesse Terry featuring Kim Richey), and "Look Out Your Window" (Michael Logen).