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There are only a few moments in your life that are absolutely pivotal to shaping who you become. Meeting that one special person is one of those moments, and at the beginning of 2012, Spencer and Sidnye Askew—now known as the American country music duoSugar & Steel—had theirs.

They met at an open mic night on their college campus, only to find out shortly afterwards that they shared the same passion and vision of moving to Nashville, TN—which they did in September of 2013—in hopes of following their talent, determination, and grit to the top of the country music industry. After pursuing careers independently, they decided to pursue this dream under the same banner, so they formed Sugar & Steel shortly after getting married in September of 2014. They began writing new music that showcased their unique vocal, instrumental, and songwriting styles. Spencer grew up in Mississippi, and he was surrounded by the soul and swamp of the delta blues. Sidnye grew up in North Carolina, and her roots were planted in pop and country sound. When the two brought their unique styles together, the chemistry was immediate and undeniable. They have the distinctive and rare ability to create a mix of flirty, intriguing and edgy tunes that are relatable, catchy, and commercial…while still being genuine to who they are as people and artists. “We want to be as true to ourselves as we can be,” says Spencer. “No one is buying what you say if it isn’t important to you, and in this culture, it’s obvious if you aren’t authentic.” “What has made country music so amazing is its authenticity,” Sidnye says. “Are you heartbroken? There’s a song for that. Are you falling in love? There’s a song for that. It’s special, and it’s beautiful.” In good and bad, Sugar & Steel want you to be able to turn on one of their songs and find that friend you need…that song to get you through whatever you are going through. Sometimes, we need to be reminded of what’s important in life. It isn’t always beautiful or perfect, but Sugar & Steel is here to show that doing what you love—with the people you love—is a big part of what makes life worth living. Sidnye finishes, “We want to take all the good, bad, fun, and challenging parts of life and turn them into the tunes that you can cling to forever. In every season, remember…” “There’s a song for that.”