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Thank you for visiting my Noisetrade page and for downloading my music. As a completely independent artist, I really, really, really appreciate your support and tips!

With these new musical offerings, I have essentially come around full circle; back to my singer-songwriter roots as a solo artist, after performing with ensembles for a number of years. I love the freedom afforded being a solo artist, paring back my music to the most essential elements.

The songs for this Deserts & Dales EP were recorded in my home 'Dog House Studio', laying down "live" tracks of acoustic guitar (or Irish bouzouki) with vocals. My aim is to try to capture my live sound, so each take was recorded in entirity from start to finish - no editing, drop-ins, or overdubbing minor glitches. Just trying to capture a performance: what you hear is what you get!

Being a multi-instrumentalist though, I couldn't not add some colour and texture by overlaying electric guitar, low whistles (flutes) and some didgeridoo (I am Australian!). Again, this was done using minimal overdubs. Because I use a loop pedal in my live shows, I think this EP is a reasonably accurate depiction of what I sound like live and, as I prepare to embark on my second international tour, audiences will be able to take some of my live performances home with them.

Life is an amazingly complex and challenging beast, isn't it? I have been overcoming some huge challenges over the past few years and I was looking for some inspiration, a story of survival and resilience to help lead me out of my circumstances. Research led me to the story of The Lost 49ers, who travelled across America from East to West on wagon trains in the mid 19th Century, leaving the depleted farmlands of the Delta in search of riches in the goldfields of California. Not only did they attempt the long and arduous journey across the salt flats of the Great Basin desert, risking dying of thirst, they also had to traverse the towering and impenetrable Panamint Mountains, where they were battered by freezing snow storms. Many of the pioneers perished on this journey and the place was named Death Valley. But some survived against all the odds and I used this as inspiration for the EP's title song Deserts & Dales.

Nature is amazingly beautiful, harsh and resilient too. When a few rare drops of rain fall on the parched, desolate desert floor of Death Valley, a mass of wildflowers burst briefly into life across the whole expanse. I use this too as an inspiration and a metaphor for survival - even in the barren depths of despair, given a subtle change of perception, or conditions, always, just below the surface lay the seeds for change and new life.

I hope you enjoy the track and my other new tunes. And, please download the pdf booklet for pics and lyrics.

Best wishes,

Stuart Rose