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On June 21st, coinciding with the Summer Solstice and the European Music Day, we released our new EP: Suitcase Full Of Dreams.

We are sharing with you two songs:

  • The title track, "Suitcase Full Of Dreams", could be a trip on that Cadillac, through the red leaf forests of New England. There's also a notable detail: it's sun in both English and Asturian. Don't be fooled by the soft beginning. There's a lot of music and emotions ahead.
  • "Don’t Count Me Out", the song that also appears on the vinyl side of the disc, and possibly our favorite. A battle cry and a celtic-soul mood that will take you to another era. The wood of the guitar and the metal of the horns. And our 1959 Hammond organ, brought from the USA to Spain by boat.

The EP is being released on Compact Vinyl, a surprising format. There's only been another release like this in the world. One side carries a song in vinyl, which can be played on a turntable. The other side is a CD with the whole record, which can be played in a regular player.

It’s a hand-numbered edition limited to 500 copies. The album cover photo was made in Asturias, Spain, but that’s not the biggest surprise. It’s a 1955 Cadillac Eldorado, and the incredible part of the story is that it belonged to Ava Gardner!