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Los Angeles based drummer Stephen Teipe is on a mission to make every note count. He believes in the power of intent and the beauty of simplicity. Whether it's playing instrumental progressive rock, electro-pop or straight ahead jazz his versatility, confidence and experience come thru in every note. He believes in making time flow at the drum set and utilizing the power of space in his compositions. His drumming focuses on featuring the composition first and foremost all the while embracing technique and musicianship as a means to an end.

Stephen is constantly redefining & re-examining role as a drummer and composer; and, is not afraid to challenge himself musically and artistically. His new EP intention exemplifies his ability to stretch out artistically and explore multiple genres with confidence. Recent collaborations include Diopter where he helped co write and produce two EP's, and Half Life with Kurt Burkhart where they co wrote a 2 song EP. Steve has also done done solo EP's where he wrote & arranged all of the tracks and played drums and keyboards.