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Over With You, Steve Forbert’s first studio album in three years, is a focused song cycle featuring an earnest account of the often-mixed emotions involved in personal relationships. And these songs make the case that Forbert should be considered in the first rank of American songwriters.  “This album is very personal,” Forbert says. “The songs are about what people feel in deep relationships — mainly love and friction.”?  The musicianship is superb, with Forbert working for the first time with Ben Sollee on cello and bass, Jason Yates on piano and organs, Michael Jerome on drums, and Sheldon Gomberg on bass. There is even a guest appearance by Ben Harper as a guitarist on three tracks. While these artists all have world-class studio chops, they are primarily known for working as members of various groups or as solo artists themselves, and that background helps make Over With You sound as fresh as Forbert’s debut Alive on Arrival or his 1979 gold-certified Jackrabbit Slim.