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IN LIGHT OF IT ALL in its completion represents more process than project. The songwriting and recording journey spanned 3 years of learning and unlearning, developing and narrowing, triumphing and failing. In the plenty and the poverty of these past few years, God has given purpose to it all and taught me much about what it means to be His. Despite these songs being but a limited sample of the journey, I hope they somehow begin to find ways of collaborating together to flash glimpses of the greater picture. Bound by verses and choruses, rhyme schemes and syllables, song forms and the need for thematic consistency, it would be impossible to spell it all out with a hundred projects. But my hope is that in some humble way, these feeble expressions will do their part to add voice to the beautiful sum of the truth God is continually in the business of unravelling. While the process was at times complicated, the revelation as a writer and a follower of Jesus has become remarkably simple; our songs to and about God find themselves stuck in this beautiful tension between all He has done, all He is doing, and all He has yet to do; and in light of it all, may we never stop singing praise.