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"Through The Darkness" is album that tells the emotional journey through a dark time of faith experienced by songwriter Jeff Sylvester. Containing honest songs of joy, pain, feelings of abandonment, struggles with sin, the search for meaning, and encouragement to turn around and help others, "Through The Darkness" is meant for those who have been hurt but not let go of faith. Stylistically the album contains a wide variety of sounds, from soft acoustic songs to electric guitar driven rock numbers. Steady On hopes the essence of each song was captured in not just the lyrics, but also in the music. Recorded over almost a year, mostly from Jeff's small apartment in Suwanee, GA, "Through The Darkness" is a project driven from passion. Jeff's passion is that this music will encourage those who have been hurt, whether it is from the world, the church, or other Christians, to run through the darkness to the light of Christ. We want this music to be heard, so we are offering it on NoiseTrade right off the bat for donations of any amount (or free if you choose), even before you can get it on iTunes. If you do find encouragement through this music and can afford it, we do hope you will consider a donation to help with the recording costs.