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Thats right folks.... The Peculiar Tales of the S.S. Bungalow has been submitted for 2016 Grammy consideration in the Children's Music Category and we need your help!

If you enjoy the tunes, please spread the word about our project by sharing this video via social media. We need the help of our amazing Noisetrade community to get our project out their so that Grammy voting members will have us on their radar when its time to vote. Thank you so so much!



Big World Audio Theatre proudly presents The Peculiar Tales of the S.S. Bungalow — an 80 minute seafaring audio narrative jam-packed with fun characters, sounds of adventure on the open sea, and 14 original foot-tapping music tracks.

This Parent’s Choice Award and Family Choice Award winning album is for kids, yes… but it’s also for all those who are secretly (or not so secretly) kids at heart.

Join Captain Sleepytime Greg and his crew of scalawags on their quest upon the Atlantic to the mysterious and faraway Lullaby Islands. Along the way they learn the importance of keeping a tidy ship, that adventures require a full nights sleep, that beagles are friendly if ravenous creatures, and that our differences can be what makes us special. It's a journey of friendship — of remembering old friends and making new ones.

So come along and join us on the maiden voyage of the S.S. Bungalow!


"A fantastical voyage through story and song." -Red Tricycle

"What a well put together musical journey." -A Nation of Moms

"Makes me feel like I'm on a great Disney ride." -Metro Kids

"Truly remarkable... this is much more than an audio book." -Toy Insider

"You can practically smell the salty sea air and feel the ocean breeze ruffle your hair." -Seattle's Child


Dozens of musicians actors, artists and oddballs participated in the making of The Peculiar Tales of the S.S. Bungalow, a seafaring adventure that weaves a fantastical voyage through story and song. Laki Karavias (Director/Producer) and Jason Reuter (Songwriter/Composer) gathered the roster. Eric Earley (Blitzentrapper) performs several instrumental and vocal tracks, gospel singer Liz Vice contributes vocals as a little clown fish with a big voice on “Barnaby’s Song.” 2014 & 2015 National Old Time Fiddle Champion Luke Price adds his magic to the album reminding us all that “Life is Good” indeed. Singer/songwriter Wesley Randolph Eader brings a bit of Americana into the album with his performance (accompanied by Eric and Luke) of “Follow the Albatross.” Seasoned voice actor Kevin Barbare delivers the engaging narration. Noted children’s book illustrator Ward Jenkins created the album art.