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This Mixtape is a collection of songs that speaks of Love in all every sense of the word. The Joys of Love, The Pain of Love, The Confusion of Love and The Truth of Love. I spoke from my heart and sung from my soul. I hope and pray you feel every word, every note, every harmony, and every emotion. I stand behind this body of work. I desire to bring back creativity and soul, Through my words and gifts. I hope I delivered......... :) All songs written by S.R.Soul, writing partner Fields "Iz" Blanchard, also on "Stronger Than Luv" co-writer Brian "Nyce" Neal, Fall Down writer Shawn "Solo Muzik" Williams &. BSlade " I'm Done " Great Production by Jerry "Juice" Alexidor, The Phantom Boyz, Jayd Daniels-Leakey, Secret Society, T.Boy (Anthony Williams aka Tonex aka Bslade), Drathoven Atkins and Jr "Supa" Angerville.