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South Shores originally started as an Austin, Texas studio project by the bands founder Sean Layton in 2006. After two years of making demos and writing songs, Sean hooked up with Dallas based major label producer Geoff Rockwell (Forever the Sickest Kids, Disco Curtis, Artist Vs. Poet) to record their ironically titled debut EP “New Beginnings”. Just a week before the sessions started Sean lost everything he owned in a freak five alarm fire at his home. With the love and support of his family, his life's savings, along with the guitar that he had at his friends house when the fire occurred, Sean proceeded to record and recruited long time friend, Grant Pittman to play guitar and keys. After completing the EP, the duo relocated to the Dallas/Ft Worth area and began to audition new band members. The South Shores line up was solidified when they added Aaron Sutton on lead guitar, Nathan Palmer on bass, and Brandon Burkhalter on drums. The resulting sound was explosive!