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Inspired by their travel together among the poor in Ethiopia, Dan Clark and Israel Dejene gathered family and friends to record an Ethiopican (or Ameriopian) mashup EP. With an eye toward hope and romance, toward peace and parties, Dan and Israel brought together the sounds of several genres and the talents of more than a dozen artists. All song written by Daniel J. Clark; Produced by Jay Alton and Dan Clark; Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Jay Alton (; Design by Chad Flanagan ( Jay Alton: electric guitars, vocals; Dan Clark: acoustic guitars, vocals; Dawit Dejene: hand percussion, vocals; Elsabeth Dejene: vocals; Hanna Dejene: vocals; Israel Dejene: trumpet, vocals; Muluken Dejene: vocals; DJ Drastic: turntables; Rich Johnson: vocals; Amber Knicole: vocals; Walter Kolhoff: saxophone; Tim Magree: keyboards; Evan Oberla: trombone; Matt Paetsch: bass and upright; Nathan Parker: drums; Nate Slemmer: electric guitars, banjo, pedal steel