From Sons of Earth

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Sons of Earth is a collective of musicians from Tennessee and Virginia. The group formed to play, write, and record music that melded together their wide-ranging sounds and tastes. The result is the beautiful and exciting debut album from Sons of Earth.

The genesis of the group formed in 2011, when guitarist Taylor Haney, drummer and percussionist Nathan McClure, and bassist Steve Gregory were creating music with the Dane & Taylor Band. After that group disbanded, these members joined violinist Daniel Blair and keyboardist Collin Haney and quickly discovered a new direction that invigorated the band and was embraced by listeners. Percussionist Steve DeCicco and guitarist Andrew McCoy joined to round out the sound and an inspired season of writing and recording ensued.

The debut album from Sons of Earth features 9 tracks that cover the emotional ground tread upon by the members. Songs offer reflections on faith, joy, grief, hope, and love. Sons of Earth offers these songs with the hope they make a positive impact on the world.