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"Voting Day" is the first single from the upcoming full length album No Story is Over by Son of Laughter, due to release March 2017.

Son of Laughter, the music of singer/songwriter Chris Slaten, offers a whimsical and melodic blend of finger-style guitar and lyrical storytelling. He released a 5-song EP, "The Mantis and the Moon" (5/5 stars - CCM magazine), in June of 2013 with producer Ben Shive (Colony House, Andrew Peterson, Bebo Norman). It is available on The Rabbit Room, iTunes, and Amazon.

"Little Sheep," an independently released single, is also available for free download at

Slaten is currently booking house shows across the country to raise funds for a full-length record. Visit his website,, for more details.

Praise for The Mantis and the Moon:

"With intriguing acoustic instrumentation, dreamy storybook lyrics, and poignant takeaways, Mantis may be the most effective Nashville singer-songwriter EP in years." CCM Magazine, September 2013

"In this day and age, it’s a nice feeling to be able to see the heart in a project. Truly get behind it without qualms, with a belief that the artist’s aim is true. Kind of like finding a modest, dust covered book in the library shelf only to open up a world of hidden treasure. " Holly Etchison, The Blue Indian

"Fascinating music, songs, production." Andrew Peterson, Songwriter/Author

"A truly superb example of musical storytelling, The Mantis and the Moon is full of solid songwriting and lilting melodies to delight the listener throughout the entire project"(34). Shawn McClaughlin, Christian Musician Magazine