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In a voice loud enough to be heard by many beyond his own local community, Silk City Recording Artist Son Lewis has written and recorded a song in support of American’s 2nd Amendment Rights. Entitled “Cold Dead Hands”, as a tribute to a speech made by former NRA President Charleton Heston, the song voices Lewis’ long-standing support for the right of law-abiding Americans to gun ownership. A current NRA member, Lewis was raised with a healthy respect for firearms and although not a hunter, he has been an avid shooter and collector of firearms since a pre-teen. The lyrics of the tune articulate that Americans have the right to self-protection beyond the limited and sporadic amount provided by the Government and that extends to those rights embodied in the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which he sees as clearly stated an not subject to ambiguous interpretation. Lewis points out in the tune that the Mayor of New York City (a rabid “anti-gun” zealot) is unlikely to aid Lewis in defense of his home in an emergency. “Cold Dead Hands” also restates the long-standing truth that criminals are unlikely to be hampered by Gun Control laws that will only prevent access to guns for law-abiding citizens. Although known mostly for his eight prior recordings (and numerous compilations) that presented him as a Blues musician, “Cold Dead Hands” was written specifically to cross-over into other music markets. “I intentionally wanted to produce something that might get airplay on a wider variety of music format stations or pod casts because I wanted to inspire OTHER artists to speak up in defense of our Constitution.’ Lewis states. ‘The issues of our individual liberties and our rights as a people are at stake here. This may be professional suicide for me because my industry is controlled by Liberals who are primarily “anti-Gun” but I know this subject is too important and too far reaching for me to stay quiet any longer”. Silk City Records has released the song as part of Lewis’ 14-song Compact Disc “Laws of Nature” which also includes the title tune dedicated to the men and women in Federal Law Enforcement Agencies. For more information, contact Silk City Records at 973-599-0237 or