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Artist, Musician, Visionary, and walking the ways of " the wise human", Soniko is just like any other being on this Pachamama (mother earth) but his conscious walk has led him in to a beautiful world of wonder and magic. He's a Kokopelli , a seed carrier. His purpose in life is to serve our planet sharing these seeds of a new consciousness anywhere he goes, building bridges between the different worlds, connecting the ancient indigenous perspectives with the modern points of view... In this way he co-creates the new galactic cosmovision of this new time with all his relations.

Soniko's main artistic channel is music. His sound is a mix of different influences, rhythms and styles, bringing to live the spirit of Turtle Island. His passion for the arts has led him to create and work in a variety of projects over the years. Soniko has recorded and produced four CDs all original and collaborated in many other productions with different musicians.

There are many more things to say about Soniko but what is definitely more important to him, is that every being in this time and place recognizes their important and unique mission to fulfill in life. and it's our responsibility to do what we can to walk our sacred path... And so, in his own words, this is what Soniko has say about himself:

"I am from HERE-NOW... where my heart beats and greets your being and my breath sounds and sings my name, Where my feet touch the earth and i can see my seeds growing, Where my skin can feel the sun and the rain... I am a human being, a child of this pachamama, I am your brother, another you as you are another me... I am Soniko Waira, Kokopelli, a Yellow Planetary Human and from the bottom of my heart I am happy and thankful to be...

HERE-NOW, InLove! All my relations!... AHO!"