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4 for the 4th is a celebration of many things. It began as a Father's Day gift to celebrate Dad, but now extends to celebrate the 4th of July, of course, plus the 2012 Olympic Games (something else my Dad loves). It also just so happens that the Tuesday release date falls on my wife's and my anniversary. So we celebrate it all. As part of these celebrations, we want you to name your price for 4 for the 4th for the entire month of August. Seriously, type in any amount you like. To go with the theme, we suggest $4. Proceeds from this project will be given to the ministry of An Nou Mache, an evangelistic sports camp for children in Haiti. So please be generous if you can. We hope 4 for the 4th will be a soundtrack for many patriotic celebrations to come. Freedom! And smooooooooooth jaaazz. --Andrew from ILOE Studio