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So, as a kid I devoted countless hours of my life playing video games. Nintendo games like "Little Nemo," "Mega Man" and "Contra" - all have a special place in my heart. Which is why the idea of turning a few Sleeping At Last songs into 8-bit (Nintendo-style) music felt like such a fantastic idea! As homage to my childhood summers of video games and fun, I proudly present you with this FREE EP entitled, "8-Bits" available exclusively on NoiseTrade. My pals, Steven Padin and Mike Carroll from an insanely talented band called The Reign of Kindo made this possible! They spent many hours over the past year and a half converting these songs note by note to make the most authentic 8-bit versions as possible. They did a truly fantastic job! So excited to finally release these little nostalgic beauts into the wild! The "8-Bits" EP features 1 song from each of my records, magically transformed into retro Nintendo-style video game music: 1. Currents (from "Ghosts") 2. Umbrellas (from "Keep No Score") 3. Porcelain (from "Storyboards") 4. Next To Me (from "Yearbook") (EP Includes the original recordings of each song too!) Love, Ryan - Sleeping At Last