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Aaron Spransy knows a thing or two about Midwest Manners. The Wisconsin native has been settled in Boston for some time now, playing around town as guitarist for indie-pop melody makers The Fatal Flaw, but his own musical vision recently crystallized with SINNET. His two-mikes-and-a-laptop bedroom project — now evolved into a full-fledged band. That fleshing out of sound nicely augments songs like “Castlevania,” a smooth-as-fuck electronic pop soul-sucker that’s the lead single off, an eclectic collection of lush sounds and lively spirits on their e.p. Midwest Manners. Manners brings to mind the dusty, stoic Midwest of Steinbeck and the "The Last Picture Show" amid this carefully arranged, cathartic slew of adventurous indie rock. - Mike Marotta / Boston Phoenix Sinnet has grown into a living, breathing, tangible force with the help of the handsome hands of John Drislane (drums), Marlo Pedroso (guitar, vocals) and Bob Gaszak (bass, vocals).