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In the early eras of hip hop during the late ‘80’s & early ‘90’s, the abundance of female emcees was a rarity, but the few were respected as skillful & passionate artists with as much credibility as their male counterparts. However, heading into the 2000’s, the dynamic began to change with many female rappers becoming the source of ‘eye candy’ rather than a resource for artistic integrity & serious musicianship. SICILY, born Samantha Bennardo in Brooklyn, NY to a Jewish-Italian family, is very much a serious artist through & through. An emcee’s emcee while honing her skills as a gifted producer, SICILY has dedicated herself to making quality music that transcends genres, color & gender lines as well as religious barriers to introduce a brand of music that not only is groundbreaking in style, but immersed in her faith in God

Since officially starting her music career in 2005, SICILY has made her mark as top tier lyricist who’s highly multi-faceted to the point she’s made an impact on pro-Christ hip hop in numerous ways. In 2011, SICILY not only impressed audience with her fluid freestyle abilities at FLAVOR FEST (A major annual Christian hip hop/urban worship conference based at Florida’s CROSSOVER CHURCH) but won their ‘BEAT BATTLE’ competition sponsored by RAPZILLA, one of the top Christian hip hop sites in the world. In 2013, she returned to Flavor Fest & was able to record music & visuals with up & coming & legendary urban Christian artists such as KJ-52, ARMOND & V. ROSE. In 2014 she was hand chosen by KJ-52 among 4 other local MC’s tp break the Guinness Book of World Records for longest freestyle cypher. Sicily was the only female representation as they went on to beat the previous record of 10 1/2 hours to 13 hours and 2 mins. Not just confined to music production & recording, SICILY is also a prolific graphic designer. In addition to her other ventures, SICILY has been an opening act for notable Christian recording artists such as Donnie McClurkin, Da T.R.U.T.H, Superchick & Group 1 Crew showcasing her rapid fire, yet lyrical & passionate flow, not to a mention a style of writing that often speaks to the emotionally & physically disenfranchised, as well those that suffer with low self-esteem & lack of identity. It is no question that SICILY’S music more than anything or anymore, speaks to the outcast with a biblically based sensitivity.

SICILY’S future looks extremely bright. With her new label formed Run With Zeal, she’s gearing up to release her first set of major projects starting in 2014. From her solo work to collaborations with pro-Christ hip hop luminaries such as Mahogany Jones, Kj-52 & This’l, SICILY’S relationship with GOD & ability to connect with people is always present. From catering to fans’ hunger for quality music with innovative songwriting used by God to heal and provoke change to building relationships with websites, bloggers and fellow artists, SICILY is always available to serve efficiently.