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I am an Ottawa-based country singer-songwriter. My songs cover the usual range of life, love, discovery and celebration. I try to mention trucks, dust, small towns, trains and boots whenever possible. I rarely mention cheatin' and pinin', as I don't much like either. I am a big fan of pouffey dresses and cowboy boots, sunshine, little isolated lakes, big old trucks, big new trucks, and little pokey towns. I enjoy tumbled down cabins, gardens and unusual signs found on back roads, such as 'chicken crossing.' I have no great love for winter, but I attempt to conceal this by composing innumberable songs about its beauty and comforting things like wood stoves and cozy nights. I very much enjoy pink stylized flowers, glitter, and just about every country instrument ever crafted. I particularly love the banjo, and a finely played fiddle or mandolin can positively twinkle in a country song. I play all these instruments a little, guitar a little more, and a wide variety of other instruments th