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DEEP DARK AND DIRTY describes Belfast based self assured 'Twisted Dark Alternative Rock Electronic Music' artist Shadow System conceptualized by Australian born and Northern Ireland bred Adam Gamble in 2011. Shadow System release it's début album Dark by Design in 2012 and quickly got noticed in music connoisseur circles and praise from Future Music magazine and others and with an remix cd including remixes from SAM, Shiv-r, NoisuF-X, Amduscia and many others. Shadow System also did a collaboration i did for Level 2.0. The song Hit & Run.Shadow System Ubiquitous Evil OUT JULY 4TH 2017 is the highly anticipated second album with appearance from Juno Reactor, Imperative reaction, LEVEL 2.0 and Exemia this album brings more musical ambition for shadow system and concreting a begin of a cult act for N.Ireland music scene and further in the wider world Shadow System has provided remixes for bands such as Null White, WormZ, LSD Project, Miranda Cartel & DE_TOT_COR. For many years Adam DJed in Belfast, Dublin and Budapest and have met Ben Watkins Juno Reactor, Paul Hartnoll Orbital, Juan Atkins Model 500 Liam Howe Sneaker Pimps with the added inspiration and force de sound Adam throws a different flavor for the electronic genre bringing a colder aswell as exploring dark human psychology and introspective philosophy After playing it’s debut gig in Dublin 2014 Shadow System went on to play at eastern Europe’s biggest alternative festival Castle party in Poland then played more shows then played along with 3TEETH in Dublin and continuing to build more fans Also 2014 nominee for best electronic artist at the Artists In Music Awards in the USA Industrial/EBM music is one of the most diverse and multinational genres in all of music and no one may prove that more than Shadow System.

Mysterious and exciting.unique scary creepy, horror, dark melodies high production and menacingly intelligent along with unfeeling heartless moods but devastatingly cool Shadow System

Shadow System has appeared on Terror night vol.2 sounds of the dead future Alfa Matrix Endzeit Bunkertracks ACT VIIAlfa Matrix Endzeit Bunkertracks ACT VIGothic Orgy Vol 1Halotan Records Sampler 09A-S.I.N.G.E.D Vol 2Synthematika Vol FourSynthematika GemmaSynthematika InstrumentalLustleider vol 5This is what we call Industrial